No Escape

Entresuelo A, Carrer de Soler, 22 43001 Tarragona (Ciudad) (Tarragona)
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Description of No Escape

In No Escape you will find one of the most innovative and exciting escape rooms in the city of Tarragona. An ideal game to enjoy with family, with your partner or with friends , as well as holding events for groups or farewells. You will know the new trend in video games, but not digitally, but live and full of adrenaline.

Close your eyes and imagine with your friends visiting the Valdellós plant. As you travel through its reactor and the core of the plant, you check the operation of the machine and safety measures against possible unforeseen events. Everything looks like a routine visit until something happens at the control center. What's going on? There is no turning back and you will have to find a way to save in less than 60 minutes . Together you are your only way out, take advantage of it.

A race against the clock in which through puzzles, your ingenuity and collaboration among the members of the group will be key to solve the mystery and get out of the room in less than an hour. You will enter a team of 2 to 6 people, with no age limit, although due to its difficulty it is designed for over 16 years. You must work as a team, find objects and discover clues to get out on time.

At all times you will be assisted by our administrators if you need it , being able to ask for clues or get out of the traffic jam you are in to facilitate the development of the experience.

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