San Alejandro

Ctra. Calatayud - Carineña, Km. 16,4 50330 Miedes (Zaragoza)
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Description of San Alejandro

Bodegas San Alejandro has undergone major changes in recent years becoming a reference winery in Aragón and undisputed leader of the D.O.Calatayud.

The success of this evolution has been the result of its constant search for new coupages , new styles and new manufacturing techniques betting on product quality and differentiation as something key. This has led him to invest heavily in recent years both in facilities and in technical, oenological, etc.

It currently has the most recognized quality standards , BRC, IFS and ISO 22000 of food safety.

Active partner of its distributors and customers, open, flexible and dynamic in the development of new businesses is a winery very involved in the cultivation of the grape and its selection , teaching its producers how to handle the vineyard and how to get better qualities with the help of its own engineers.

His ability to analyze the markets in detail and react immediately adapting his wines to the specific needs of consumers has earned him to collect many awards, references, scores etc ... in the most recognized media. Reaching high scores Robert Parker during the last 5 years (between 90 and 94 points)

Your sales have increased by 900 in the last 8 years . 90 of the production is aimed at export markets, being present in more than 17 countries , mainly in Europe, although the USA is the most important market and Asia begins to wake up.

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