Zoos in Cabarceno

Zoos in Cabarceno

Zoo Parks in Cabarceno: Look up for prices, exact location, opening times and get all the information about zoos in Cabarceno. Zoo Parks in Cabarceno are perfect for birthday’s parties, corporate events and incentives, original gifts and activities for children and kids. Visit these animal parks in Cabarceno and get in contact with awesome species.
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El Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabárceno
Company Cabarceno (Cantabria)

The Cabárceno Nature Park , in Cantabria, is not a natural park to use, nor does it have anything to do with a zoo or a safari. It is a natural scenario in which different species of animals from all continents of the world coexist. The environment surrounding these hundred species of animals is a natural environment in which freedom predominates. The objective of this nature park is to spread this area of ​​incredible beauty for educational, cultural, scientific and recreational purposes. Animals from the five continents very close to you, in Cantabría! Choose your experience: Visit Wild . Do you want to know where brown bears hibernate? Observe the life of the largest land mammal? Feel the characteristic roughness of the tongue that giraffes have? Accompanied by specialized monitors you can see the conservation work carried out in the park. There are security protocols that must be followed during the visit. School visits . Research programs and educational programs that are developed in the nature park are admired and praised throughout Europe. Shows and fun . You can learn all the skills of sea lions or see how raptors dance in the sky of Cantabria. They will teach you to differentiate species and their different types of flight. Science and conservation . Conserving species and ensuring that they do not become extinct is the main objective of the Cabárceno park. Research work together with behavioral studies and conservation projects are the engine of this nature park. (Zoo Cabarceno)

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