Ballooning in Murcia

Ballooning in Murcia

Ballooning in Murcia: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in hot air balloon flights in Murcia. Hot air balloon rides in Murcia are a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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Company Cartagena (Murcia)

Very close to the province of Alicante, specifically in Cartagena, you can take a balloon ride to get a beautiful view of the city of Murcia. Celebrate that important event flying at about 1000 meters high, do not you think... (Hot Air Balloon Rides Murcia)

100€ per person
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Grupo de Ocio G2
Company Murcia (City) (Murcia)

In Group of Leisure G2 you will live an unforgettable aerial moment when flying in our incredible balloon the province of Alicante. Our flights are aimed at all couples seeking to immerse themselves in a romantic day, all families who want to enjoy with their children an adventure of... (Hot Air Balloon Flights Murcia)

Company Cartagena (Murcia)

To live a great adventure you do not need to go to far places. We propose a balloon ride through the sky of Murcia that will make you feel like a true adventurer. In Estilocio we want you to enjoy a great experience so you will get up with our best professionals to... (Balloon Rides Murcia)

Tips if you are going to do Ballooning in Murcia

When you enjoy a ballooning session, you can see, like a bird, the landscapes that surround you whilst enjoying a unique sensation, like floating in the skies. Murcia is one of the prettiest regions when seeing it from the skies. Here, we will explain everything about the areas we will cross with a hot-air balloon and tell you all the necessary to carry out this ride among the clouds.

From the beginning, is a very special activity since the flights always take place with the sunrise, because is the moment when we have the best weather conditions to ascend with the hot-air balloon. We assure you, although you need to wake really early in the morning, is worth it. Once you reach the take-off zone, the pilot will tell you an explanatory briefing, and everyone will participate in the inflating process.

For you to have a better idea about we are telling you, here, you can watch this panoramic-view video of a ballooning session through the city of Murcia:

Once everything is ready, the flight of 1-hour will start, and if the conditions, it can be expanded for a little bit, you will start with a smooth flight and will slowly ascend to obtain photos to frame. You will have an incredible panoramic vision of Murcia.

Little by little, you will ascend until reaching the landing area and finish the flight, where everyone will make a toast, and enjoy a rural lunch, followed by the balloon disinflation and return to the meeting point. Also, you will receive an accrediting flight diploma and the photos and video as a souvenir.

The balloon ride is an activity suitable for all public, the only restriction is that the minors need to have a height of at least 130 centimeters, and on the case of pregnant women, we don’t recommend them to be part of the flight. The flights take place all year round, as long as we have the optimal weather conditions, good weather, the one that Murcia always provide, that makes possible to enjoy this activity weekend after weekend.

In Murcia, usually, the flights start from the Alhama airdrome, the most commonplace in the region to carry out air sports, activities like light aircraft flights or parachuting are also done there.

The most common way to enjoy balloon rides are shared flights, on every weekend and holidays, flights with a capacity for 8 to 10 people are arranged, and you can book even 1 plaza. In these flights, the kids have great fun and also enjoy a reduced price, the cannot be older than 16.

If you want to avoid getting really early in the morning, you can include accommodation to your flight, and the night before, you will be staying next to the take-off area, and you want to also include a SPA session, and like that enjoy a complete weekend. If you want to surprise your partner, declare your love, propose to or celebrate your anniversary, there exist private flights, where only the pilot and you two will go. In that case, you can choose the day of the week, and don’t need to only choose the weekend or holidays.

If you are a group, you will also have the option of flying privately, and the group needs to have at least 8 people, this activity is ideal for team buildings or bachelor/ettes parties, etc.

Other balloon rides, near Murcia, are the ones that take place in the region of Alicante, which trail goes between Elche city and Vega Baja.

Have fun in Murcia, like never before!

Opinions of our adventurers who have done this activity

5 Very good
"Must be lived"
It is an experience to be lived. The time on the globe runs very fast and you have to enjoy every minute. You will enjoy it whether the day is sunny or cloudy. Without hesitation, I recommend it.
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4 Good
"Fully recommended"
It was an unforgettable experience, all great (organization, staff, diploma, etc.) ...

Totally recommended to go in a group of friends or with your partner
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Javier Mulero Solano
4 Good
"All very well"
All very well. We would have liked the balloon to rise higher. It has climbed up to 900m but little time.

No problem with reservations.
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Juan Miguel SÁnchez
5 Very good
"Quiet and exciting activity"
A totally recommendable activity, calm and exciting at the same time. Exceptional treatment, it fits the customer's requests, an experience to repeat.
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Company in Cartagena
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Company in Cartagena
Daniel · Looking to book for myself and partner
Company in Cartagena
Debbie · I will be in Benidorm in January and would like hot air balloon ride. How much for 2 people? How far from Benidorm?