Skydiving in Murcia

Skydiving in Murcia

Skydiving in Murcia: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in skydiving centres in Murcia. Sky diving in Murcia and parachuting in Murcia are a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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Skydiving in Ontur, 3300 Meters
1-10 max No No No
Last 5 days ago
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2-4 max No No No
Last 14 days ago
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Last 6 days ago
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1-20 max No No No
Last 3 days ago
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Skydiving Experiences in Murcia

All the Skydiving companies in Murcia

Company Company based in: Albacete
SkyDive Murcia
30€ per person
12 Prices
38 reviews
Company Totana (Murcia)
Centro Deportivo Skydive Totana
5 reviews
Company Alhama De Murcia (Murcia)
Skydive Costa Cálida
180€ per person
7 Prices
4 reviews
Company Cartagena (Murcia)
1 Feedback

Opinions of our adventurers who have done this activity

Diego Melgares de Aguilar de Mata
5 Very good
"Thank you"

Review translated from Spanish

Thanks to my daughter for accompanying me in this dream, thanks to the pilot who manned the plane so professionally and thanks to my companion of jumping and guide for his professionalism, his cordiality and for having managed to trust in à To the... View more point I put myself in his hands to jump into the void without any fear. To the rest of the team, congratulations.
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Roberto Cantarell
5 Very good
"Simply spectacular"

Review translated from Spanish

Simply spectacular. Easy to find the airfield and I was surprised that it did not make a stifling heat in the area, with a very nice wind in Ontur. They have been very kind Javi and Jesus, our instructors; the pilot and the manager, Pedro. My... View more aunt and I have enjoyed as dwarfs. We will certainly repeat.
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4 Good
"It was great"

Review translated from Spanish

By the fog the activity was delayed 3 hours, but once we did it was great! ;)

As a suggestion, In winter they should organize less jumps and start later, when there is less probability of fog.
But very well everything else.
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Patricia Garcia Vigueras
4 Good
"Try it at least once in your life"

Review translated from Spanish

Good professionals in the jump. We had to wait a couple of hours because other customers were late and dragged their delay to everyone else. Apart from that the awesome experience. Everyone should try it at least once in a lifetime.
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The last consultations about budget and prices we have received from interested people

Company in Ontur
Louis · Hello, I will come to Valencia for work and would take the opportunity to be there to have a few days’ holidays for skydiving. Just to introduce myself; I started skydiving during autumn 2017 and I View more have only 22 jumps up to now (last jump on 14.01.2018 with a canopy size 219). I passed/completed my AFF (PAC) in Switzerland, under SwissSkyDive legislation. So I am able to jump alone, but I am still student. I would like to come to your skydive club/school from 07.02.2018 to 11.02.2018. 1. Is your club open during this time? 2. Is the period OK for my level (wind limitation, weather forecasts)? I know that weather is impossible to predict, but I just want to know, as per your experience if I have great chances to be able to jump during this period (or if it is better to come later in the season)? 3. I have to rent the canopy; what is the price per jump, including plane ticket, canopy rental and packing (if packing by a rigger is mandatory, otherwise I would prefer to pack by myself)? Is there also prices for buying 10 - 20 - ... 50 jumps together? Thank you very much for your answer. Looking forward reading you! Louis Wirthner
Company in Totana
Stewart · Hi guys I don’t know if we can help one another , but I’m a veexperienced skydiver with 250jumps and have been on numerous world big way records. Well the thing is I’ve owned a house near View more Torreveja and once jumped at Los Martinez but that was possibly 10 years ago. I am now thinking of spending more time in Spain so I’m looking for a local DZ. can you help me .
Company in Ontur
Ingo · Hello, Ingo from Düsseldorf, Germany, i am going to visit my parents in spain and i want to take a jump on Dez., Saturday. Is it possible ? Opening times on weekend ? I have a german View more liscence and own parachute system.
Company in Ontur
John · Me and my girlfriend are going to our house in Torrevieja do you have any jumps available between the 3-10th of September if so how much is it to do John
Company in Ontur
Flavia · I would like to ask you in what period you organize the jumps. I would like to perform this on the end of March. Thank you in advance, Regards, Flavia
Company in Ontur
Anthony · I would like to buy a parachuting gift for my wife. She has never done chuting before. Just a quick gift to try and see what she can do. How much please.
Company in Alhama De Murcia
Sofia · Hola! Is it possible to book tandem jump for two persons june 24th? What is the maximum height and weight for participants? Best regards Sofia
Company in Ontur
Ritha · I would like to know the rates and available time for skydiving on the 4th of October, 2018. Thank you.