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Description of Fast English

In Fast English, The Kelly Method we have our own way to apply to education in English through tools designed by native speakers of this language. Much of our methods are based on adding theatrical and representative techniques to teaching through the game with which children begin to function in the English language without realizing it.

With these same parameters we organize urban Christmas, Easter, Summer and school days , dates that we integrate into each program by referring to the customs of each of these seasons and holiday periods that occur in the English speaking nations.

These days with the little ones we pretend:

- That students gain in personal confidence . They will know how to pronounce and what intonation is used, feeling integrated with the rest of the students and depriving themselves of the shame that they are not understood when speaking.

- That boys and girls internalize the Anglo-Saxon culture which greatly facilitates their admitting English as their own language and speeds up their progress. We will look at details such as your kitchen or your popular music.

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10 Very good
Reviewed the 31/07/17
about the activity of: English Day-Camp, Madrid 1 Week

Review translated from Spanish

Very good attitude of the staff, they speak with them in English and organize games in good atmosphere so that the children are happy. They give them t-shirts that are then signed by the companions, that helps the good environment.
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Carmen Chamorro
4 Medium
Reviewed the 01/08/14
about the activity of: English Immersion Multi-Adventure Camp, 5 days

Review translated from Spanish

Hello, my experience has been regular. I was told on the phone of a schedule and prices and the same day that I took, My daughter called my mother to pay the difference in schedule because I had not come to pick her up at 2:00 p.m. When I contracted Until 16.30.

Pagu For the excess of time and in addition all the days collected to my daughter to the 15,30. They did not let me stay until four-thirty as I had previously agreed with the center.

Also pay for the food and the first day they gave what they had because they did not notify the catering, but I paid for it too.

Anyway, my daughter has been and was very happy, only that at the end of the afternoon they were casting her. Greetings. So it goes.

Company's response:
The telephone agreement was agreed with the company Yumping, not Fast English, and therefore not a direct source of information. For more information we always advise that you write to us, even through Yumping so that we can guide you. & Nbsp;

The price that was paid It was the price from 8:30 to 14:00, not the 8:30 to 16:30, and that was the confusion.
& Nbsp; The difference in price that you charged was for the catering service that is not available. Included in the prices of the camp since some bring home food and catering comes from an outside company and the difference in price from the camp from 8:30 to 15:00.

Our monitors serve the same catering. So the first day, as the catering was not notified that there was one more student, one of our monitors went to buy food for himself, and his food from the caterer gave it to the student. What you will charge Was the price of catering exclusively. And the money from the monitor's food ran to the expense of the company.

The reason she left at 4:00 p.m. (the student did not leave at 3:30 p.m., and this difference in price would not be charged to the client) was because she decided to stay longer because of how well she It was happening. We were delighted to have her, but the group her age, ended at 15:00 as late.

We do not throw our students, for God's sake! Above all if you are having a good time!

We adapted the activities so that the smallest students could also develop it. But we did not see fit to have the other students leave at 16: 00/16: 15, causing the games to end and stay. A 13-year-old girl with a 6-year-old girl, the two of them alone, doing nothing because the others had already left, so we suggest earliest pick-up.
Our primary goal is to welcome our students as if they were family, and make it a memorable experience.

We try to provide facilities for both students and parents at all times but sometimes can not be appreciated.
We regret that the hiring process has been cumbersome and unsatisfactory. In the future we advise you to contact us directly through Yumping (a request for information) or through our website. & Nbsp;

We hope you are enjoying the summer and that you are well. & Nbsp;
A greeting to the little one

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2 Bad
Reviewed the 28/08/15

Review translated from Spanish

The treatment was attentive and careful with the children, but the camp, can not be called ' ingues & quot ;. During the week they did not receive any classes, they always spoke in Spanish and really it was only a day care.

Company's response:

Good afternoon Jose, & nbsp;

We deeply regret that your experience has not been satisfactory.

It's true that we do not teach. The dynamics of the Camp is precisely of immersion. The classes that are performed are in a logical form in the form of games, in which different aspects of the language are exercised.

Our main goal is to learn English but without losing sight of the fact that they can do it in a fun way if they are respectful and participative. This is the methodology used by our school.

The activities of the camp are conducted in English, although sometimes in specific cases we make exceptions. These exceptions are:

If the student still does not have enough fluency and does not finish getting himself / herself in English and needs help.

And, to a greater extent, that the touches of attention for indiscipline be recurrent and we resort to the Spanish to finish making it understand that it is altering the dynamics of the camp.

These are the only scenarios in which our faculty resort to speaking in Spanish.

As for childcare, it is done by the ma- nentiaries in extended hours from 7: 30-8: 30 or from 15:00 to 16:00. In the meanwhile, it is not yet time to cram into the students, and from 3:00 p.m. they are often exhausted from the rhythm of the frenzied day that we are taking.

During the day, there are outdoor activities (volleyball, slackline, flag football ...), then in the classrooms are held workshops according to the weekly theme, and once a week a tour is conducted. N (European Park, UAM Pool, Vertial Park ...)

We hope to do better in the future and we appreciate your feedback.

A greeting & nbsp;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;

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How to get there?
We have several schools, but our main headquarters are on Malcampo Street, 11 in Madrid Capital. By public transport you can easily reach it from line 9, 1, 73 of the EMT of Buses - Pza de Prosperidad stop. Or if not on line 4 at the Prosperidad metro stop or line 9, Cruz del Rayo stop. It is 100 meters from the National Auditorium. Here our Urban Summer Camps take place.

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