Alpha Escuela de Submarinismo

Avenida Paraires 10. 08206 Sabadell (Barcelona)
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Description of Alpha Escuela de Submarinismo

At Alpha Diving School we are constantly preparing activities for you to enjoy the deep sea. From our facilities in Sabadell we plan all kinds of trips and courses along the Barcelona coast and even moving to other places on the planet such as the impressive Red Sea .

If you want to learn to dive and move in the deepest part of the sea, we propose activities that you cannot miss:

  • Diving baptisms: is the simplest activity and is designed for those who want to discover what the sea hides. You will not need experience but you can know how to swim and above all, you want to explore the depths
  • Diver courses : If you want to start or improve your techniques in an incredible place, we have everything for you. The lowest level is that of initiation and once you pass it you can come to an advanced one and then specialize in different techniques.
  • Dive trips : we will take you to exceptional places like the Red Sea . This activity is usually done once a year and is reserved for professional divers who want to enjoy a break with other fans of this sport.

To specify all the details about the activities you must contact us. Do it as soon as possible and we will prepare a course that suits all your needs.

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