Diving in Valladolid

Diving in Valladolid

Scuba Diving in Valladolid: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers through various scuba diving schools in Valladolid. Find diving Courses in Valladolid with qualifications PADI dive, PADI diving, scuba diving, diving baptisms and dive trips.
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Diving baptism at Valladolid, Saturdays

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Diving baptism at Valladolid, Saturdays

I had a lot of fun, excellent treatment, the monitors always outstanding, and clear and concise explanation, the activity is short, the time was very fast, without being repetitive the excellent and very dynamic treatment .

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10€ 20% from 8€

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Company Valladolid (City) (Valladolid)

The Arvalis water activities club, based in Valladolid, is the means by which you can get in touch with the world of diving and get to see amazing underwater shows on the coast of the Cantabrian Sea. We do diving baptisms in the pool in the capital of Valladolid, do ... (Scuba Diving Valladolid)

8€ per person
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Club Triton Escuela de Buceo
Company Valladolid (City) (Valladolid)

Club Triton Diving School is created with the intention of promoting underwater sport, teaching diving courses of all levels and specialties, has 3 star CMAS instructors. FEDAS (3), 2 Star instructors and group guides, with that teaching is at the same ... (Scuba Dive Valladolid)

4 reviews
Federación de Castilla y León de Actividades Subacuáticas
Company Valladolid (City) (Valladolid)

Are you thinking of throwing yourself into the sea? Do not think twice and come to the Federation of Castile and Leon of Underwater Activities, where we will show you the various diving specialties and you can learn to practice the nautical sport par excellence. We suggest you learn to dive from... (Diving School Valladolid)

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Company in Valladolid (Ciudad)
Julia · Hi I was wondering where this diving is.Is it in a pool?