Dog Sledding in Andorra

Dog Sledding in Andorra

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Dog Sledding experiences in Andorra

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Company Canillo (Andorra)
Roc Roi Andorra
40€ per person
7 Prices
9 reviews
Company Canillo (Andorra)
39€ per person
16 Prices
10 reviews
Company Ordino (Andorra)
4x4 Andorra
40€ per person
10 Prices
Company La Massana (Andorra)
Dog Sledding Pirineus
40€ per person
12 Prices
48 reviews
Company Company based in: Lleida
Montgarri Outdoor
25€ per person
7 Prices
11 reviews
Company La Massana (Andorra)
Vallnord Andorra
4 reviews

Tips if you are going to do Dog Sledding in Andorra

Mushing is one of the favorite winter attractions for the fans of snow and nature sport and in Andorra, you will find a paradise to carry out this sport due to the great conditions the Iberian peninsula offers.

Mushing consists in carrying out a route or trip boarding a sled dragged by Nordic or Alaskan dogs. It usually takes place during the winter months (between December and March in Andorra), since the Huskies are used to low temperatures and its sports training is aimed to drag sled on snow, even though it exists the modality on land and instead of a sled, is a car dragged by tires.

Is an activity that includes great beauty since the perfect mix is the dogs, the animals, and an exciting experience. We will cross woodlands like Valnord, Grandvalira, and the Tarter and advanced through great paths, chosen under the conditions of having safety and beautiful sights.

Is a great experience to live with the family, or friends or with your partner if they love animals and snow.

Here, we show a video as a teaser to what is mushing in Andorra:

In the Principado of Andorra, we carry out the activity in the following zones:

- Mushing in the Grandvalira station: Enjoy the white paths whilst crossing the woods of Grandvalira. Specifically, we will carry out the excursionist's routes of Grandvalira-El Tarter, called Riba Escorxada and the Grandvalira-Grau Roig, that is the one found in the multi-adventure activities center of the station, even though we will also give you another surprise when exiting the traditional track.

- Mushing in the Vallnord station: The routes through Vallnord will take place in the Caubella sector and throughout the whole station of Pal Arinsal.

You can also choose the other two modalities:

- Sled ride: In this case, who drive the sled will be a professional musher (specialized guides). In this occasion, the sleds are dragged by a maximum of 10 dogs and can transport up to 5 people in the same artifact.

- Drive a sled: Live an experience of being an authentic musher. If the thing you want is to live an adventure in the first person, without a doubt this is the best option. The one-seater sled is fairly heavy, meaning the the driving will be easier and possibilities to the drag by 3 to 5 dogs.

Obviously, the conditions we describe here are only as an orientation since it can vary depending n the weight of the people.

So please, remember that we are also taking care of animals, that’s why is an activity that can be seen as squared and always requires great organization and a certain of previous notice to be able to plan the routes. Is obligatory that the dogs rest. We are the first one when looking for the well-being of our dogs and for them, sometimes is necessary to wait several hours or even postpone the day of the activity. Is an experience in which both the dogs and weather are the ones who guide this adventure to provide the best service possible to the clients and guarantee safety. Sorry for the inconvenience.

You will find a great variety of prices with discounts to be able to enjoy the offers with the little ones with the family, we are great supporters f the idea of bringing your kids to them have the first experience and contact the Huskies on the snow and we will make everything easier for you.

Mushing is a very exclusive activity, as you already see, its characteristics oblige us to carry out the activity with small groups. A leisure service for all type of wallets.

If the thing you are looking for is to surprise someone, we recommend you to enjoy this experience during the night accompanied by great wine.

You can also combine these activities with other provided in the same stations: but the perfect romantic plan accompanying with a dinner, have a great time after releasing adrenaline with a calmer plan, but very fun too, the construction of an igloo, or give yourself a whim in the thermal spa to enjoy that contrast of cold and hot.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit the snows of Andorra!

Opinions of our adventurers who have done this activity

Anna Flotats Avilés
4 Good
"It was great"
The trip in Mushing was great, the guide very friendly; We were explaining things and par. Half way to take some photos. They also let you stay with the dogs quite a while after the activity. The route was made short, even though the longest... View more route did not last long, More than 20 minutes, A circular circuit made twice. It would have been better not to repeat a course. Despite that, a highly recommended experience and we had a great time!
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5 Very good
"Having fun at 50"
This is the fourth time we have visited Andorra, but on previous occasions we only went shopping, and we always wanted to go to Caldea, so this time? We were a thing done, but despite having only three days we had to do something more, and as we... View more love the snow but we do not know how to ski,? At the hotel we found propaganda activities in the snow and we went to the Center Adventure activities in Grandvalira-Grau Roig, all? We found a group of very nice young people who informed us about activities that we could do? do. We decided to take a sleigh ride thrown by twelve precious dogs to this activity called Mushing, I thought that dogs would suffer from having to pull so much weight, but they are happy and enjoy it, is a great experience, I recommend it At any age, and for the more daring can lead the sled themselves. Then we took a snowshoe ride through the forest, the monitor a very nice Catalan boy was explaining curiosities of the flora and The fauna, how to recognize traces of different animals, and teach us? To build an igloo. The next day despite the snow and rain we took a snowmobile ride. We have made many trips throughout our life, ?? But in none have we enjoyed as much as in this. I encourage you all to try these alternative activities for those of us who do not know how to ski. We plan to return, we will try the night walks.
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5 Very good
"The experience was fantastic"
The experience was fantastic, I recommend 100 per 100 !!! It made for a spectacular day and the monitors were very attentive and friendly. We had an unforgettable day. There was not enough snow for the donuts and we changed it for half an hour on... View more a motorcycle instead of 15 minutes, which we found very good. It is a very fun pack and with each activity you enjoy a different way, so spend a special day, yes, it is a little tired, so I recommend bringing good supplies to continue with strength. The rackets very funny and the puppies ... I would have taken them all !! Laughter with archery, effort with cross country skiing ..... we will never forget it.
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David Bermudez
4 Good
"Good with drawbacks"
The choice of mushing very well but there were some drawbacks like that you had to do the activity with sled wheels and that I think should be warned. There was only one instructor and that also delayed the stay a lot, but even so, The children... View more had a good time. Lacking a few facilities to accommodate people, but the attention of the instructor was very good and that rewarded.
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The last consultations about budget and prices we have received from interested people

Company in Ordino
José · Kisiera saber si en Ordino tienen disponibilidad de trineos con perros para la fecha k les indiko con sus precios y tiempos respectivamente ....gracias.
Company in Canillo
Rey Pamaran · Hi I would like to experience this dog sled but since snow boots, pants and sunglasses are not provided, Is there a way I can rent these gears in Andorra?
Company in La Massana
Justin · Looking for 2 adults preferably afternoon after skiing.
Company in Canillo
Michelle · Good morning I would like to find out more information and if you have an availability for Sunday the 17th. Thank you