Centro Ecuestre As Leiras

Aldea As Leiras, 8 15165 Bergondo (Carrio) (A Coruña)
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Descripción de Centro Ecuestre As Leiras

As Leiras is an equestrian center in complete connection with nature thanks to its location in the village of the same name. Here, in addition to learning to ride a horse without influencing your previous level and, with a perspective of special affection towards animals, you can spend the summer being part of our equestrian camps .

The characteristics of the summer programs we carry out are:

- Wide time availability : within the same day we have two modalities that can be hired for weeks. The first one begins at 9.30 a.m. and ends at 2.30 p.m. each day. In a second variant the participants can stay with us continuing with the activities until 6 pm.

In addition, the entrance time can be advanced at 8.30 am for a small increase in the final cost of the camp.

- Open almost all summer : we begin the activities of the camp on June 26 once the school classes have ended. We will be at your disposal until the week of August 14.

Children can come know whether to mount or not issue that will be communicated to us at the time of registration to be able to make a proper adaptation of the activities.

Ofertas de Horse Riding Camps cerca de Bergondo (Carrio)

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