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Ctra de Huesa, s/n 23485 Hinojares (Jaén)
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Descripción de Cazorla Avatur

From Cazorla Avatur we have a complete offer of horse riding with which you can enjoy these beautiful animals and the Sierra de Cazorla in all its intensity. From our equestrian center we want to let you know the fascination that our land produces and we believe that the best way to do it is on the back of our horses.

INITIATION ROUTES : So that everyone can enjoy our activities we have organized a series of horse riding, all of them very interesting. We can start with our initiation route in which, for an hour and a half, we will take you to explore the surroundings of Hinojares, full of contrasts, mountain, river, desert, olive grove. Before going out to the field our monitor will give you some basic notions to go mounted in a relaxed way and we will take a few laps on our closed track so that you can take comfort and you can make the tour without any problem.

HALF DAY ROUTES : Another of our routes lasts half a day . On this occasion we will spend the whole morning touring beautiful natural landscapes. We will enter the Cazorla Natural Park to know some of its beautiful landscapes. This activity can be done by anyone, regardless of their level. Our monitor and horses will make everything so easy that it will be as if you have been on a horse all your life.

ROUTES OF A DAY : If you want to enjoy everything one day of nature in the company of our horses we have what you are looking for. We will go into the depths of the Sierra de Cazorla, discovering all its secrets and sharing this experience with horse riding. We will take a tour that goes from Hinojares to places with waterfalls, rivers, fountains, high mountains, pastures, reservoirs . We will have the opportunity to see landscapes full of water, mountains, desériticos, fields full of olive trees, impressive ravines ... In addition, we will stop to enjoy a great outdoor picnic where food will taste like glory.

MISCELLANEOUS PROGRAMS : Finally, we give you the possibility to spend several days with us. We have five-day riding class programs, radio routes and itinerant routes. You will sleep in our accommodations and, during these days, you will enjoy from riding lessons to exciting multi-day routes through the Cazorla mountain range with an advanced level

Call Cazorla Avatur and get ready to live the best country and equestrian experience you can imagine.

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