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Description of FuerteKite

At Fuertekite we offer you the opportunity to be a little cooler (if possible) than you already are by inviting you to learn kitesurfing from the best experts you will find anywhere Fuerteventura . Fulfill a dream, let yourself be carried away by the air currents and surf the waves of our Atlantic coast learning a sport that will captivate you.

From our kitesurfing school we are aware that not everyone has had contact with this water sport, therefore, we give you the opportunity to learn from the most basic level to the advanced through gradual learning but sure.

You will have professional instructors who will teach you each at all times and together with them you will perfect each turn and each jump, but also a new and refreshing experience that you will want to try again, we guarantee it. All this while you are learning other influential and necessary aspects for kitesurfing such as air currents and tides.

Despite the fact that the courses are private , which is perfect for personalized learning, you have the possibility of bringing a friend, together you can cheat in a healthy way and see who does the best tricks.

But we not only teach kitesurfing classes since you can also enjoy this sport through the routes and excursions that we do with this sport as the protagonist, discovering new places on our spectacular Canary Island coast . And, although we will lean on a boat that will be in charge of transporting us around the island of Fuerteventura , the main protagonists will be the board, the kite and of course you.

This adventure along the coast of Fuerteventura will help you disconnect and discover a new world of sensations thanks to the practice of kitesurfing . Are you going to miss it? Dare to get muddy on this epic Fuertekite adventure ... and learn kitesurfing!

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How to get there?

Normally, the classes are held in one of the beaches of Corralejo or in one of the lagoons of Cotillo. Each course and each day the conditions are variable so we cannot tell you where it will take place. We will choose the best possible option so that your learning is the best and fastest you can have but above all so that it is comfortable and safe.