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Txorrokopunta 11 48370 Mundaka (Vizcaya)
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 Mountain Bike in La Reserva In the caves of La Reserva  Climbing  A bike ride  Bike rental for children  Kayak in the waters of Vizcaya  Climbing to the top  Improve your aim  Archery

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Description of Urdaibai Kiroleroak

Urdaibai Kiroleroak is a company formed by a group of friends with a passion in common. They wanted to unite all their favorite sports and teach through them the charm of their land. We talked about the beauty of the Urdaibai reserve , which is located in the Basque Country , and more specifically in Vizcaya . If you want to meet Biscay, Urdaibai Kiroleroak makes it easy for you.

We will know the range of activities that they put at your disposal:

  • Climbing . An activity for all that you can try in a climbing wall or in a natural space like the Urdaibai reserve.
  • Hiking . Tour the Basque Country on foot, trails and roads of Urdaibai or Bizkaia.
  • Caving . The caves of the Basque Country are best visited with passionate people who can tell you everything that is hidden in them. Our monitors will take you through their great secrets in the safest way.
  • Kayak . A rested and at the same time toning plan. To the oars!
  • BTT . Descent, tours and walks to your liking in Vizcaya with an exclusive instructor.
  • Bicycle rental . A plan that you will appreciate and that will serve you as a means of transport and also ecological!

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