Paintball in Villafranca De Cordoba

Paintball in Villafranca De Cordoba

Paintball in Villafranca De Cordoba: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in paintball fields in Villafranca De Cordoba and paintballing companies in Villafranca De Cordoba. Playing paintball in Villafranca De Cordoba is a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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Guadalquivir Activo
Company Villafranca De Cordoba (Córdoba)

Do you dare to embark on an authentic painting battle in which both the winning and winning teams have a great time? In Active Guadalquivir you will discover how Paintball can become one of the best activities to enjoy in groups, enjoying an incredible natural environment and wasting adrenaline to the fullest. In this strategy game you will have to divide into two teams that will face each other in order to end rival opponents and overcome the various missions that have been entrusted. Within our activities you will find the Search for the Flag or Defend the Position modality. We enjoy different role-playing games, we assure you that you will live a real war from within. We provide you with all the necessary material , from the refills and the marker, to a protective suit consisting of neck, chest and full breastplate. In addition, you will have a Civil Liability and Accident Insurance . The only requirement you must meet is to be more than eight people in a group, to be able to divide and enjoy tension as you shoot paintballs like never before. If you are thinking of celebrating any family or business event , do not hesitate to come to our facilities. You just have to tell us how many you are, what modality you want to practice and in what field of play; We take care of everything else. Bring out your adventurous spirit from our hand, you will have a great time! Discover the battles of Active Guadalquivir Paintball and enjoy nature! (Paintball Fields Villafranca De Cordoba)

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