Zoos in Sevilla

Zoos in Sevilla

Zoo Parks in Sevilla: Look up for prices, exact location, opening times and get all the information about zoos in Sevilla. Zoo Parks in Sevilla are perfect for birthday’s parties, corporate events and incentives, original gifts and activities for children and kids. Visit these animal parks in Sevilla and get in contact with awesome species.
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Mundo Park Zoo
Company Guillena (Sevilla)

The Zoological and Botanical Park of Seville, Mundo Park, is a zoo that preserves a variety of more than 200 floral species and more than 120 different species of animals. In addition to Mundo Park we have very specific thematic areas where the visitor will be immersed in different scenarios, this... (Zoo Sevilla)

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La Reserva del Castillo de las Guardas
Company El Castillo De Las Guardas (Sevilla)

During the 15 km. of route between forests of holm oaks, pines and eucalyptus of The Reserve of the Castle of the Guardians will leave your way herds of more than 40 zebras, watussis, nilgos, ostriches ... and you will even be surprised by what close that you will see white rhinos or lions. In The Guardas Castle Reserve you have a lot to do. The Safari type route is 15 km long. and you can do it both in your own vehicle and in our pneumatic train. Also, you will find a pedestrian zone where you will find our "Kangaroo Garden". Here children will enjoy being able to feed dwarf kids, pelicans, etc. in their hands. You will also find crocodiles and kangaroos among others, and a large collection of exotic birds. Another option in The Guardas Castle Reserve is the Raptor Flight Show in total freedom is one of our biggest attractions. Owls, Falcons, Vultures and many others, will fly a few centimeters above the heads of the visitors. Falconers will also tell you the curiosities and characteristics of each bird that participates in the show. And if that weren't enough, our new sea lion show, where at the hands of expert coaches, the four copies of sea lions will delight us with incredible stunts and abilities. At The Guardas Castle Reserve we open from 10.30 a.m. to 17.30 p.m. Everyday of the year. Pontne contact us and come and enjoy the show of animals in libertas. We will study their behaviors and learn to understand them better. (Zoo Sevilla)

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