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Parc de la Ciutadella S/N 08003 Barcelona (Ciudad) (Barcelona)
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Description of Zoo de Barcelona

In the Zoo of Barcelona, ​​we have an extensive garden of 13 hectares of the Ciutadella enclosure and 100 years old.
Our collection covers more than 400 different species of animals from all over the world, and around 7,500 copies in total.
Among these specimens was until recently, the famous albino gorilla Copito de Nieve, which still continues today I feel an icon for the zoo in Barcelona.

Among all the variety of animals that the zoo has, we highlight the collection of big cats, among which are the following species:

  • Lions
  • Snow Panthers
  • Tigers

Absolutely all the animals that we have in the zoo, are located in areas specially designed for them, so that they will be comfortably located.
All facilities are adequately equipped to house each of the species we have.
In each of the facilities where the animals are located, we have a large amount of vegetation to try to make the fact of being in captivity affect you as little as possible.

The key to the success of this measure is confirmed by the fact that every year, we have numerous births of several species, some of them in danger of extinction.

In the Barcelona Zoo we collaborate with some international organizations for the reproduction and conservation of endangered species.
We carry out endless studies and work to learn about the environments, behaviors and habitats, as well as scientific research in collaboration with several universities, natural parks and various institutions.

Among the activities offered at the zoo, of course there is the performance of a show, in order to teach in a fun and entertaining way, notions about the species, nature and the importance of preserving both.

There is a club affiliated with the zoo, in which it is intended to give special treatment to people with great interests for the environment and nature.
We also have educational workshops for children, which are very well accepted by schools, such as school activities.

The Barcelona Zoo is a totally different concept than what we know as a traditional zoo. Come with your family to enjoy a fantastic day and witness it.

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