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Description of Anoiaballoons

It is no coincidence that in Anoiaballoons we dedicate ourselves to what we declare ourselves unconditional fans: balloon rides . And it is in Igualada , capital of this Catalan region between Penedés and Central Catalonia , where one of the largest manufacturers of these is located aircraft worldwide. Hence, tradition and leisure come together in our family with years and years of flying behind us.

Our pilot, who makes it possible for hot air balloon flights to be one of the most incredible in the entire country, offers you an experience that you will hardly forget. Its more than a thousand flight hours are the best guarantee that our walks in the clouds are super safe and incredibly beautiful thanks to the views that the province of Barcelona gives us.

We want you to live the adventure in the best way, always adapting to your preferences but at the same time leaving the usual.

  • Flying at sunrise is the most common in terms of balloon flights. Also known as baptisms, we usually do these routes through the central areas of Catalonia, but also La Segarra , Lleida or even near the capital. Perfect to go with the family or recreate a very special moment with whoever you want, the approximate time that we are hundreds of feet from the ground (1000 meters in some moments) will be incredible. In addition, upon landing, the mythical cava ceremony and the awarding of the diploma that put the finishing touch to this activity will take place.
  • Flying in the afternoon in a balloon is not so common, which is why we make it so special. By having the wind speed in our favor, the distance we travel is greater. But the most incredible thing about doing the activity at this time are the lights with which we enjoy the views of having the Sun from the west. The flight zones are the same in any case, Central Catalonia , Pla d'Urgell , and even Monserrat if the visibility is good, but how the balloon is reflected in the different landscapes is impressive.
  • One of the most charismatic flights we offer are the exclusive balloon rides , because if you want to surprise your partner, we can't think of a better way to do it. Only you two and the pilot will go, so the halo of intimacy and romanticism that such an experience entails, will recreate an unforgettable moment. Take advantage of it to ask for marriage or just to remember how much you love it. It will be a unique moment.

Except for the last flight model we made, in the rest, on board the basket you can go from 8 passengers to 12-16 , as long as the established weight limit is not exceeded. It is a completely safe activity, so you can bring the kids from the house if they exceed a meter in height.

The difficult thing will be for you to choose which balloon flight you stay with, although if you can ... try themeverybody!

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