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Description of Monkey Donkey

The gymkhanas will acquire another level when you try the activities that we organize in Monkey Donkey . We love to have fun to the fullest since for this there is nothing as absurd as age and we are proud to say that we are a refuge in Madrid for all those who are looking for a different plan that gives them great moments of laughter and also of mystery and unknowns.

Our philosophy is clear, never stop playing. But we do it our way, organizing our activities in such a way that anyone can not only enjoy, but also learn without realizing it. Our gymkanas are the perfect opportunity to have fun with friends and have a more exciting day in the narrow streets of Madrid , but they are also an ideal alternative for colleagues or colleagues. school strengthen their ties with a game methodology that is dynamic, interactive and cooperative. So we are not just talking about gymkanas to have fun, but also team-building to improve the performance of all workers while sharing and they know each other.

When we play, our brain encourages creativity, imagination and we find new ways to solve problems that would surprise us if we were aware of the benefits of joining play and learning. Therefore, we have devised 3 gymkanas for all tastes with which you will have a great time:

  • You can try our KGB Mission . This gymkhana is about a shady and shady KGB program that has introduced “sleeper agents” into the city, that is, agents who don't even know they are. For this plot you will have a very important mission to complete where the unknowns appear in every corner, you will not know what to turn to to solve the puzzle or who you can trust.
  • Venture to perform our gymkana of the mystery of Goya , where you will have to find the answer to the mystery behind the theft of one of the works of this prodigious artist. During your search, you will find clues to the most unlikely corners and people.
  • Finally, you can try the gymkana of The Guardians , in which you will have to solve a mystery that involves a gloomy secret order that seeks to achieve its mission no matter what the cost .

Enjoy an afternoon of gykmana to break the monotony without having to leave the city, and try a new way to have fun while training your creativity and your ability to work as a team.

Gymkhanas Madrid Gymkhanas Madrid (Ciudad)

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