Horse Riding in Guadalajara

Horse Riding in Guadalajara

Horseback Riding en Guadalajara: Look up for prices, request your estimate and find the best offers in horse riding centres en Guadalajara and equestrian activities en Guadalajara. Horseback riding en Guadalajara and horse trekking en Guadalajara is a perfect activity for birthday’s parties, corporate entertainment, team building, social events, weddings and original gifts.
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Experiencias de Horse Riding en Guadalajara

Empresas de Horse Riding en Guadalajara

Empresa Guadalajara (Ciudad) (Guadalajara)
Centro Hípico Las Espuelas
20€ por persona
3 Precios
17 opiniones
Empresa Fontanar (Guadalajara)
Centro Hípico Los Buenos Aires
9€ por persona
4 Precios
2 opiniones
Empresa Albalate De Zorita (Guadalajara)
Hípica La Herradura
5€ por persona
2 Precios
9 opiniones
Empresa Guadalajara (Ciudad) (Guadalajara)
Asociación Caba&Yo
15€ por persona
8 Precios
1 Opinión
Empresa Horche (Guadalajara)
Llano Mayor
180€ por persona
1 Precios
Empresa Chiloeches (Guadalajara)
Club Hípico Los Llanos
Empresa Cabanillas Del Campo (Guadalajara)
Campo Enmedio
1 Opinión
Empresa Torija (Guadalajara)
Yeguada Espinar
Empresa Sacedon (Guadalajara)
Ecomillan Multiaventura
Empresa Arbancon (Guadalajara)
SierraNorte Aventura
Empresa Fuentelviejo (Guadalajara)
Hipica Fuentelviejo
1 Opinión
Empresa Zaorejas (Guadalajara)
Fuente la Parra

Opiniones de nuestros aventureros que han hecho esta actividad

5 Muy buena

Opinión traducida del Español

Perfect, a great day !! I will come back and repeat! They taught us a lot of things and it was very productive time there. Also the horses are amazing very good and affectionate. A 10 for me.
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5 Muy buena

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Is a club with very good presence, it is noticed that the owners like this horse world and everything they do they do with pleasure. its T? Being frankly well and being? A luxurious place! The horses are very good and you can do dressage, jump? Os?... Ver más Learn to ride and ideal for children, they have a lot of ponies. Always with kindness by flag, they welcome you and inform you, It is a pleasure and the people who are? All its T? Relaxed and welcoming. We need places as And people who love what they do ... I advise you !!
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Ana Belén
5 Muy buena
"The activity was great"

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The activity was great. Antonio, the guide, a charm and with a great arrangement to the schedules. We gave this family outing to my 13 year old daughter and it was a unique experience for a special day. Some of us had never ridden on horseback... Ver más without a problem. Very docile and noble animals. Highly recommend to spend a day with family or friends. Awesome scenery. We will be back for sure.
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5 Muy buena
"Wonderful Experience"

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The experience has been wonderful, I have ridden once or twice in my life and I was a little afraid, but Professor Antonio made me forget about this and I enjoy it. Much as much of the landscapes as of the horse he wore. Whenever you return, All... Ver más To ride, because thanks to them I was awakened again by the horses.
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Empresa en Guadalajara (Ciudad)
Ran Watanabe · We would appreciate if you could kindly send us further information about your riding lesson. We moved from London and have 8-year-old daughter who have been riding since 5 years old. We have been Ver más looking for a riding school in/near Guadalajara