Picadero Pacheco

Carretera. Fuente del Gallo 11140 Conil De La Frontera (Cádiz)
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Description of Picadero Pacheco

In Picadero Pachecho we love to enjoy horses and more in an environment as fascinating as the area of ​​Cádiz. We love the routes and walks and therefore we do activities so that everyone enjoys the level they have.

If you do not have much experience but want to enjoy the horses, we will propose short routes through the area of ​​ Conil de la Frontera . For those who have something more level and have ever ridden on horseback we have prepared something more special.

It is a route through the Alcornocales. We invite you to come on a fantastic adventure riding for 6 days. We will take you to impressive places like the plain of wonders or Pago del Humo and the impressive Breña de Barbate Natural Park . We will also make a stop in sales of the area such as Los Naveros or the El Gato farm where you will enjoy very special meals.

You can also practice in our riding school the different riding techniques while you spend some great days with other horse riding enthusiasts. If you need more information about any activity or route we do in Picadero Pacheco, contact us and we will answer all your questions.

Reviews of Picadero Pacheco

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10 Very good
Reviewed the 29/05/12

Review translated from Spanish

We were a couple and we spent a week in May and they were great! A very nice guy explained to us, helped us, showed us how to ride and how to do the best photos! We rode a little faster and we had a great time! We advise: nature, simple, quiet and economic! Many graciasss !!!
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0 Very poor
Reviewed the 31/08/10

Review translated from Spanish

I just got back from my vacation in Cadiz and it occurred to us to do a horseback riding excursion. We picked Picadero Pacheco because it was the one that was closest to us, and the truth, we could not do worse. Upon arriving there, we were attended by two German girls who They had no idea of speaking Spanish and therefore were unable to explain to anyone anything related to horses (how to ride, take the reins, put your feet in the stirrups ...). Does this type of activities do not usually have experience, I think it is essential that they give you some basic notions before you start and that they assign the horses to each person, something that of course they did not and that was it, that two people fell from the Horses, a girl according to her foot in the stirrup (to which the owner blamed him because he had thrown much of the reins) and another boy because his horse stumbled along the road that was full of stones. They deigned to give us a helmet (having asked a father for his daughter), but that yes, the girl who guided us took his, to see if it was going to fall ... As for the route, we spent more time on roads Asphalted and between houses that by the cliffs they told us when we booked, the beach we saw from afar.This marvel for 25 € ... almost nothing. If one day I go back to Cadiz and I want to go horse riding, I'm sure I will not go to Picadero Pacheco. My rating is 0.
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MarÍa Jose
4 Medium
Reviewed the 19/09/12

Review translated from Spanish

I liked the experience but it had nothing to do with what was advertised, the tour was by the cliffs of Conil and it took half the time to get there with which we had to return without going over the cliffs, the horses were very far away. At one point we saw the riding stables the horses were in a place of difficult access, dirty and malnourished and the people who attended did not seem to have much experience in dealing with groups, I felt insecure, I would give a score of 4 out of 10
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