Multi Adventure Camps in Brunete

Multi Adventure Camps in Brunete

Guide of multi-adventure camps in Brunete . Find prices of adventure camps in Brunete to practice adventure sports and active tourism. All companies that organize adventure colonies in Brunete with all kinds of activities for children and young people.
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Granja Escuela Giraluna
Company Brunete (Madrid)

In the Farm School Giraluna we take advantage of our facilities especially focused on children for the organization of camps when they are on school vacations. They are aimed at kids from 3 years with options for maximum ages of 6 and 14 years since we use the El Álamo School Farm to accommodate the elderly. Participants will spend 20 minutes in Madrid, where we exceed 200 thousand m2 of areas for activities. We have bedrooms in a residential pavilion with toilets, dining room and workshops for handicrafts that we will share with them. Outside you will find the animals' pens, ponies and horses riding, orchard, greenhouse and swimming pool among other sports facilities. We follow a daily schedule that helps children have fun and learn by getting up at 9 a.m. and ending the day after the games at 10 p.m. During this time we will have English classes , horse riding, environmental education and leisure time to share with your new friends. The food is homemade using the varied diet they need and taking into account the allergies that the student may present. In these cases it is important that the parents communicate it previously. We usually open shifts in July and August to which we usually add places during Easter and Christmas. (Multi Adventure Camps Brunete)

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