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Players with children's markers Group of paintball with green monkeys Crouching on the playing field Paintball Scenarios with Obstacles Kminata Multiocio Player with child marker

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Description of Desafío Paintball

Would you like to experience Paintball in Madrid? Our company, Desafío Paintball, specialises in Paintball Fields sessions in Villanueva Del Pardillo. You may choose between one of our 21 proposals which are guaranteed to offer you a memorable Paintball experience. Pricing starts at 10€:
  • Paintball in Villanueva del Pardillo, 100 balls
  • Paintball in Villanueva del Pardillo 200 balls
  • Birthday with paintball in Villanueva and snack
  • Kid's paintball Villanueva del Pardillo 100 balls
  • Paintball Villanueva, 100 Balls & Multi-Adventures
  • Paintball For Kids in Villanueva, Unlimited Balls
  • Paintball game El Pardillo 500 balls
  • Paintball & Multi-Adventure El Pardillo, 300 Balls
  • Unlimited Kid's Match & Snack, Villanueva
  • Paintball & Adventures Villanueva, 500 Paintballs
  • Paintball for kids El Pardillo 200 balls
  • Paintball & Multi-Adventure El Pardillo + Burger
  • Play Paintball in Cerro Tablado, 300 Balls
  • Paitball, Villanueva, 300 Balls + BBQ + Activity
  • Paintball 100 paintballs+Hamburger, El Pardillo
  • 300 Paintballs El Pardillo, BBQ + Open Bar
  • Paintball 300 Balls + BBQ, El Pardillo
  • Paintaball round, barbecue open bar in El Pardillo
  • Paintball Multi-Adventure Villanueva, BBQ Open Bar
  • Archery session, Villanueva del Pardillo, 2 hours
  • Multiadventurous park in Villanueva de Pardillo
Should you wish to familiarise yourself with our services, please refer to feedback provided by more than 1 clients as recently as 09/10/2016. Customers such as Milagros gutierrez , who has contracted our services, are our best reference.

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Milagros gutierrez
2 Bad
Reviewed the 09/10/16

Review translated from Spanish

Monkeys were not there, as indicated. The play area we did not like; Nothing.

The trees are difficult to enter with the masks. As for the balls, we do not know exactly how many players we have.

Company's response:
We are very sorry that you did not meet your expectations, as a rule in children's paintball we do not usually use monkeys because, due to the limited potency of the markers, it is possible that the participants do not notice the bolazo and Then the question of possible pitfalls begins (that has been given by experience). As for the playing area, these scenarios are characterized by some areas of difficult traffic to facilitate hiding and make it difficult to be shot, however it is understandable to understand that not everyone has the same tastes. Anyway we are preparing new types of scenarios that allow many more gameplay so that it can rain at everyone's taste as much as possible. We appreciate your opinion so we can improve and be able to give a good service that is our goal at the end. A greeting and many thanks again.

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How to get there?
If you do not know the place the best thing is that you stay with us at the Principe de Asturias Civic Center, from there we will go without lost people or time.

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