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Calle del Duque Santo Mauro, 7 39005 Santander (Cantabria)
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Description of Escuela de Surf Ahau

At Ahau Surf School we offer surf courses ranging from initiation to high performance.

We have the best professionals who will transmit a philosophy of life based on a sport such as surfing. For this we have the most advanced pedagogical techniques dedicated to optimizing the progress of students at their different levels. We stimulate motor capacity and spatial orientation, very important base elements for surfing.

The environment in which surfing, water is developed, is not where we are normally, so we have to transmit an adaptation, understanding and knowledge of this medium, and then begin with the preparation for surfing itself. All this through hilarious classes. Know the specific material for surfing, learn its uses, its techniques and the rules that will guarantee the total safety of the activity.

For all this, we have 19 years of experience in surfing teaching through our technical director, Roberto Sánchez Vacas. In charge, the best qualified monitors with experience in the sector. We are approved by the Cantabrian Surf Federation. We have transportation of up to 8 seats, which is the maximum number of participants who can carry out each course (which guarantees a personalized teaching, being in small groups). In addition, in all courses we distribute audiovisual material, obtained directly by us.

Our courses are divided into:

  • Initiation: a first contact with the world of surfing. For these courses we group students into homogeneous levels to direct the teaching at each level. In these courses you will know the materials, techniques, safety standards and the interpretation of the environment. It can be one-day, weekly or personalized courses with your own coach.
  • Intermediate: for which it is necessary to have prior knowledge of surfing. Aimed at young people and adults looking for a perfect technique, beyond the simple passing activity. Here we record you on video, so you can learn from mistakes. These courses can be loose, with monthly tutoring (2 days a month) or weekly (4 days a month), personal training or surf camps.
  • Advanced: for those young people with competitive aspirations. They are special courses, taught by the most prominent surfers and that can be received in the form of loose classes, weekly tutoring (4 days a month), monthly tutoring (twice a month), personal training and surf camps.

In addition, we have shape courses to learn how to create and shape your own table. Live the experience from the base with Ahau Surf School .

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