Escuela de Surf La Isla Santa Marina

Calle Los Lloros, 37 39160 Loredo (Cantabria)
 Instructor attending to the student Supporting the body on the surfboard  Surfing in Loredo  Young surf students  Getting up from the surfboard  Monitor entering with the little one in the water

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Description of Escuela de Surf La Isla Santa Marina

In the Santa Marina Island Surf School you will be surrounded by the optimal environment for your learning from our Ribamontán al Mar facilities. Only fifty meters separate us from Somo Beach where we find the best conditions for our students we serve with qualified instructors in a maximum number of 5 participants for each professional.

Our courses are separated according to the public they are looking for, addressing the needs of each age group:

- Surf for children : we place children of similar ages within the same lesson since their requirements are very different from those required by adults. They will be prepared if they know how to swim, even if they are not yet expert swimmers but they are not afraid of water to keep calm when they fall off the board while they practice.

With the youngest, between 5 and 6 years, we stay at depths that do not exceed the meter so they can stand up in the sand without problem.

- Adult surfing : where age doesn't matter even if you think they are at a point in your life that is no longer suitable for learning anything new. We will lend you the material that will allow you to move forward and pay attention to the preheating so that you do not get injured.

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