Plaza Mayor 11 32400 Ribadavia (Orense)
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Description of Entretempos

In Entretempos we are eager to come to meet us. Located in Ribadavia we can offer you a lot of activities so you can choose which one you like and enjoy a great day either on the river or in the mountains.
  • Paintball : if you want an intense activity in the Galician mountain, you can come to shoot paintballs against whoever gets ahead. As it is a somewhat dangerous sport, we will leave you all the protections so you do not have to worry about anything. You will only have to come with a great desire to have a good time and be able to keep your pulse when you have to shoot your opponents no matter how many friends you are.
  • Down the Avia River : we will propose to sail in a kayak if you are looking for stronger emotions or in canoe or a canoe > If you are only looking for tranquility and knowing new landscapes. Although they are different boats, you can come fulfilling the same requirement: knowing how to swim. Once you are on the boat you will feel the world around you and you will love the feeling of feeling isolated.
  • Hiking trails : If you are looking for a walking route, Galicia is the best region to do it. Its impressive views from any of its viewpoints will provide us with sensations like you have never lived before. You will not need experience for hiking trails because basically what you will do is walk the mountain. What we do recommend is that you come having a certain resistance since, otherwise, you will get tired very soon and you will not be able to complete the tour enjoying it.
  • Wine tourism : it is the most different activity of all. It is a perfect complement for those who are touring the region and an ideal option for those who enjoy gastronomy and good wine. The vineyards to which we will take you will seem impressive since they have such an extension that your sight will be lost trying to find where they end. In addition you will learn to distinguish flavors , which will allow you to become an expert and teach all your friends what you are capable of.

If you like what we propose, ask us why we can give you the option to combine it. We are open to suggestions whenever it implies that you enjoy our land so do not hesitate and contact us today.

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