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Description of Centro Ecuestre El Cañuelo

From El Cañuelo we seek to convey our love and respect towards horses. We have been training our students in the world of riding for more than a decade. Based in Córdoba , our equestrian center is made up of third-generation professional riders who share their passion with everyone who wants to learn more about these noble animals.

We train our students in the best possible way, looking for them to have a level training, to show everything they have done in the lessons and to apply it to their own routines.

We offer different activities according to your preferences:

  • Riding lessons . In them you will be able to perfect the riding techniques that most appeal to you or want to learn among which our disciplines of dressage, cowgirl, high school and reining stand out.
  • Contests. We conduct competitions from different disciplines throughout the year, encouraging our students to overcome themselves.
  • Horse Riding Camps . We perform them on all dates during the school holidays, Christmas, Easter and summer where children will find their true vocation and will be continuously playing and learning with the horses.
  • Horse riding : Next to the Guadalquivir valley , we are in charge of designing specific routes for each audience, enjoying the different places that nature offers us.
  • Horse carriage ride : Enjoy touring the city in a different way or even at fair times, to feel the pure essence of our culture.

As a novelty and to benefit us in all aspects of horses, you can attend hippotherapy classes together with professionals specialized in therapies of this nature.

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